Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Our Hulling Mill is located 10 kilometres from the city of Madurai, and shipping will be handled by the company until it reaches the lorry office in Madurai, or the product will be delivered directly to the lorry shed by the Bharathi Traders shipping team. And after that, the buyer must pay for shipping at the time of delivery. I repeat, the buyer must pay for shipping when the package is delivered by the truck driver. We do not forward the shipment thru any courier as it was shipped in bundle like more than 25 kgs and higher. It will be delivered only via truck or Heavy Parce Service companies.

Return & Exchange Policy

Because this is an online order, you have every right to expect a return or exchange. However, we work with organic food flour in bulk and have a track record of delivering 99 percent perfect floors without issue. We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges as a small-scale seller. I hope you understand what I mean. Have fun shopping!


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